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The Massive Passive Wealth Builder Course

The Massive Passive Wealth Builder Course

Workbook & 6 CDs

This amazing course is the key to building and maintaining a highly profitable portfolio of investment properties. This is a complete A-Z course finding, buying, and maintaining buy and hold properties. With the know how in this course your golden years can truly be


  • The Cash Equation vs. The Equity Equation
  • Property Evaluation
  • Marketing to Attract the Best Keeper Properties
  • The Art of Selecting Good Tenants
  • The Iron Clad Residential Lease Agreement
  • The 6 Lease Addendums to Cover Your Butt
  • The 7 Strategies to Reduce Vacancy
Every Landlord's Legal Guide Book

Every Landlord’s Legal Guide Book

451 Page Book with Downloadable Forms

Every landlord and property manager needs to know the laws in their state in order to run a successful business, stay out of legal trouble with tenants, and minimize lawyer fees. This book provides comprehensive state-specific information and dozens of legal forms that the millions of U.S. landords and property managers need―all for the price of less than 30 minutes of a typical lawyer’s time.

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Plus 4 Bonus CDs

Plus 4 Bonus CDs

  • Negotiating Like a Pro CD 1 & CD 2
  • Property Management 101
  • Baby Steps to Financial Independence
The Massive Passive Bootcamp<br />

The Massive Passive Bootcamp

4 Day Intensive Boot Camp Covering Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Buy & Hold Portfolio

  • How to Locate the Best Properties to Maximize Equity Accumulation
  • How to Build Massive Wealth with Active Income and Passive Income
  • How to Pick the Best Properties to Maximize Cash Flow
  • How to Overcome the Fear of High Rent Properties
  • How to Estimate Repairs Differently Based on Keeping Properties and Not Flipping Them
  • The 6 Multiple Offer Strategies
  • The Mechanics of Seller Financing, Notes, Mortgages, Disclosures, and Escalation Clauses
  • How to Pre-Screeen & Locate High Quality Tenants the Pay
  • How to Self Manage Your Properties by Using a Part Time Employee
  • How to Write an Iron Clad Lease Agreement
  • Training Tenants Firmly so They Respect Your Business and Take Good Care of Your Property
  • How to Use the Templates and Spreadsheets Provided to You at the Boot Camp to Track Your Investments
  • Purchasers have the right to repeat the bootcamp at ANY time, just let us know you’re coming!