Robyn has taught her courses and sold her products
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Here’s just a small sample of their comments:

Hello Robyn,

It’s Eric Moorman from your recent Junkers to Millions Boot Camp.  I just wanted to say thank you for the great advice.  Since leaving your boot camp, we have done 3 new deals.  They include; a wholesale deal where we made $19,800 and our first commercial deal that we bought subject to for $117,000 and have a $210,000 appraisal.  Amazing what I get done when I am not messing around buying materials at Menards.  Thanks again.  I owe you much more than dinner, but the next time I see you dinner and drinks on me!

Thank you!

Eric Moorman

Hi Robyn,

Just listened to your Wealth Savvy CD, entitled “The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran and the content was so awesome that I ordered his book immediately.  I can’t wait to get into gear.  I know implementation is definitely my downfall and the cutting edge information you and Brian provided will help me overcome this challenge.

Thanks for all you do.

Connie Heimann
Chicago, IL


I met Robyn two years ago at my first REIA meeting.  Although I had attended other seminars before, there was something so real, warm and sincere about her, and I knew I was in the right place.  I went home that night and told my husband that she was exactly what we were looking for to get our business going, and it did.

Several months ago, I joined Robyn’s Wealth Savvy Club which provides me with her daily words of wisdom and monthly CD’s that broaden my outlook on so many topics that bring wholeness to my personal and business life.  Being a “Savvy” offers special recognition and savings to many of the events she offers.  What I can tell you personally is that Robyn is there for you and truly wants her students to succeed.

Thank you,

Lynn and Chris Phillips
Wappingers Falls, NY


Being part of your Savvy Club is a great monthly reminder to listen to a CD focused on personal and business development.  I look forward to those monthly CDs which cover topics such as Overcoming Fears, Getting Healthy, Getting Organized/Time Management, Positive Thinking, Thinking Big and Realizing Your Dreams, and many other excellent topics.  The “Daily Savvyism” email is another good reminder to staying focused and changing my life by thinking positively, creating new habits, breaking old patterns, and ultimately becoming successful in this venture.  I attended the G.R.O.W.T.H event which was a break-through weekend.  It helped me realize what was holding me back and how to overcome the fears that are preventing me from moving forward.  You’ve offered us great support and resources to assist us, as well as an opportunity to learn hands-on with live calls to potential sellers.  Listening to the other participants, networking with them and learning from their successes and mistakes was very helpful. I feel I have people I can talk to and call on if I need help or have questions.  It has definitely helped me to get started and grow my business!!

Thanks and Regards,

Caroline Cassar
Atlanta, GA


We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much your “Junkers to Millions” Boot camp has helped us tremendously in our investment careers.  This course is great for those getting started in real estate as well as those who have done some deals and are looking for what direction to go in.

We’ve had great success in using your “Horsey Letter” and now have attorneys as well as other sources feeding us properties thanks to your letters.  By staying true to your “9 Houses Not To Get Involved With” we have sidestepped several landmines in the properties we have come across.  This has enabled our first several deals to be successful and ran smoothly.

The great thing that we like about this course is it not only educates you from the ground up by going on a bus tour, running your own numbers, and handling contractors.  It also teaches you what it takes to have qualified buyers and how to move properties quickly to end-users with minimal days on the market.  Additionally, by guiding a beginner you see the progressive course one needs to take to establish a successful real estate investment business, but then how to handle different types of deals and how to protect your interests.

Through what we have learned we have grown in many ways, professionally, personally, as well as financially.  We are ecstatic about our future in real estate and look forward the path of growth that will encompass our lives now and in the future!

Thank you so much,

Heather Dearborn and Travis Rose


Just went thru the “Junkers to Millions” Bootcamp put on by Robyn Thompson in Orlando. Robyn is the best! She is generous in sharing her knowledge and her time. No question went unanswered. She taught us many tips and tricks of the successful rehabber – things that can be used on both the cheap junkers as well as the high priced ones she is now working on. I have only been doing the rehabs for a little over a year and am finishing my 6th one and buying more And I know I will do much better on the finishing the ones still in progress as well as buying and rehabbing my future properties because of Robyn’s teaching. She lessened the hesitancy of moving to more expensive properties with her session on estimating. Thank you Robyn, as I told you when I met you in Anaheim – you are wonderful! – Franci Taylor from Fontana, CA

Real estate investing is as vast as the mind can imagine with “Rehabing ” being the most complex phase of the business. Robyn Thompson’s fantastic boot camp progresses you thru every phase of rehabbing from: planning, self-marketing, advertising, contractors, purchasing, repairing, financing, selling, inspections, attorneys, closings and asset protection. The entire summation of the practical application to succeed at rehabbing is covered, then completly reviewed on day five. She teaches that your attitude, knowledge, professionalism and ethical dealings with the public are key to confidence, stability and longevity in the rehab business. It is reassuring to learn Robyn’s tremendous A-Z program as she walks you thru and unselfishly answers all your questions, even during lunch break! The “homes tour” is a day long hands-on invaluable experiment that prepares even a beginner to take control and proceed on their own after the boot camp. What a deal, she has thousands of student success stories to prove it. Listen!!! And learn! – Shirley McClain from Memphis, Tennesse

I’ve been studying Robyn’s material for nearly a year now and can tell you the boot camp was AWESOME! I have the utmost respect for Robyn – she is very unpretentious, down-to-earth, smart, and amusing to listen to. Very inspirational, I would highly recommend her Boot Camp to anyone who is SERIOUS about making rehabbing a business. – Rich Leyh from Stillwater, MN

My wife and I just returned from the May ” Boot Camp ” in Orlando . We both felt that it was ” life changing ” in a significant , positive way : a plan of action with all of the essentials mapped out . There is no such thing as a perfect information delivery system , aka a seminar or ” Boot camp ” . The question which one must answer with respect to evaluation of this experience is ” was it worth it ” ? Our answer is a resounding YES ! Why ? A single principle , among many learned , will pay for more than our entire expenditure . But , for us , it was the experience of unifying ( as a couple ) our thoughts and becoming re-energized .. Anyone who consistently invites speakers who provide a somewhat different or opposing view is doing all concerned a real service .. and that’s what she does . Cut through the personality question and you’ll not only discover substance but a caring human being , which , in the final analysis , is more important than all the money one can ever make ! – W. B. ” Buddy ” Harrison , Ph. D. from Atlanta , GA

Just completed attending “Junkers to Millions” Boot Camp in Orlando. Boot Camp was fantastic! Great energy! She’ is very knowledgeable. I have attended few Seminars from other gurus but she is by far the most accessible, friendly, and helpful while at the seminar. If you are interested in Rehabs, she is willing to openly share anything she knows. At the end you will surely have a game plan. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in Real Estate to attend. – Roland Zwicker from Orlando – FL

I’ve been investing in real estate for 2 1/2 years now and have attended Robyn’s Boot Camps in both Connecticut and again in Orlando. In addition to that I have attended her growth boot camps twice. I am a professional and can attest that thanks to Robyn, her course materials, and her seminars, I am making more money than I ever dreamed of. Thanks to what I have learned from Robyn, I have never lost money on a house, and have avoided houses that would otherwise have been money pits. The bottom line is Robyn cares about her students and cares very very deeply about their success. She makes herself available by phone and fax to her students…those who are complaining are the students who already “know it all” or are too lazy to do precisely what she says to do. She is a REAL person, not some get rich quick guru…and she cares about her students’ success. She puts her whole body and soul into her seminars. What you will learn from Robyn is very simple…but you must commit to do the work. I have listened to her cd’s no less than 6 times and always learn something new that I wasn’t ready for before. Her seminars are intensive and you must be prepared to learn…study before you come and don’t miss a minute of her classes…use the seminars to get updated information straight from the horses mouth and use the time as an opportunity to network with other students…Every Robyn Thompson event I have attended has yielded quantifiable results…you will learn a ton if you pay attention…and you will make money if you follow her systems. I have. – Peter Gauthier from Washington/Baltimore