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Learn how a broke Diner Waitress can discover the secrets to an extraordinary life filled massive wealth and abundance.

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Dear Friend,

If you’re tired of working at a dead end job and ready to take your life back, please give me 10 minutes of your time and I’ll show you how I went from a waitress to millionaire in 3 short years. Then I’ll explain how I can work by your side to do the same for you.

Thinking back to the old me……

It’s 2 A.M. in the morning and I’m still on my second job as a 2nd shift waitress at a dinghy diner in Waterbury, Connecticut trying to make ends meet.

In a few hours I’ll be getting out of bed again to report to my day job at IBM where I’ve just been informed that 500 employees in the organization are about to get the ax and I’ll probably be one of them.

Every week as the bills out last the money, I remind myself something will change soon. After all, I’m young and single and surely I’ll get a break sooner or later. It can’t be like this forever. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I untie the money apron from my black and white waitress uniform and dump it upside down hoping I earned a $100 tonight.

After all, my parents were hard workers, they taught me to work hard and that’s how you get ahead in life, by exchanging hours for dollars and saving pennies.

Well my friend, I’m here to tell you,

That’s A Load Of Crap And Anyone Who Tells You Working Hard Is What Makes You Rich… Is Dead Broke.

It’s a lie instilled into us from birth and unfortunately most Americans will continue walking over the dollars to get to the dimes until they check into the nursing home.

How about you?

Are you happy making a living or would you prefer to be in the 5% of Americans who can call themselves…. Millionaires?

My name is Robyn Thompson and I’m happy to report I crossed that bridge from poverty and I did it in 3 short years using no previous experience, starting from scratch.

In fact, Good Housekeeping magazine recently got my story and did a feature article on my success.

Trust me when I tell you I’m nothing special. I struggled in school, and I’ve really never had any formal training before becoming a real estate entrepreneur.

I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon, no rich relatives, no special skills and average intelligence at best. I guess the point here is if I can do what I’ve done with my background I can assure you anyone with average intellect and a little drive can duplicate my success.

Just a few short years ago I was employed by IBM and one day I got the word 15 people were going to get laid off in my department.

That news hit me so hard I was ill for 2 days at the thought of losing my main source of income. I just didn’t know what I was going to do.

You see I was already working a part time job at a local diner just to make ends meet. I’d get off from IBM and hurry to my evening job where I put on my black and white apron and stood on my feet until sometimes 2 AM.

I had no time for myself. No social life and no light at the end of the tunnel. Now I was about to lose my job. It was certainly a low time in my life I’ll never forget.

Then one day I went to a real estate seminar and that was a turning point in my life and I haven’t looked back since.

You see, I found a better way. Simpler! Quicker! More Profitable with less work, less stress. A way I could get big checks, $25,000 or more on a regular basis, at least……

One Every Week

Over the next 24 months I did 43 deals netting me an average of $21,000 on each using none of my own money or credit. I made more money in two years than I’d made my entire working life on two jobs swapping hours for dollars. 

My days of working for someone else came to a screeching halt along with the need to worry about paying the bills. I’d made it. Financially free in 3 short years. To this day I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it’s real….. It is, very real, and I’ll never have another job as long as I live.

So How Does My Success Help You?

Patience! I’m getting there. But before I do I’ve got a confession to make and I’m gonna get it off my chest right here.

It wasn’t actually the money that drove me. Oh, I thought it was. I was broke and wanted to be rich and all I could see was making more money.

The truth is I did it to prove to my parents I could. One of my greatest joys I received from my success was when I invited my parents over to see my new home. I’d just closed on it, a 4300 square foot, contemporary home on 2 acres, sitting on a hill overlooking the valley below with a grove of Oak trees surrounding me. Every morning in the spring and fall when I awake the intoxicating aroma of fresh blooms stimulates my senses and awakens my joy to be alive and more important to live.

In the winter I cuddle up by my fireplace with friends and gaze out over the snow covered hills and truly feel sorry for all those folks back at IBM and my friends who still work at the diner.

Yes, it’s my dream home and I just couldn’t wait to show it to my parents. The day had arrived. Here they were coming up the long winding drive. My heart was pounding. I wanted to make them proud.

My Mom walked in followed by my Dad. After a few minutes the words came rolling off my Dad’s tongue….”Gosh Robyn, the payments on this mortgage must be huge. Are you sure you can afford it?”

Then the moment I had long awaited had arrived. My short and simple reply was….

Yes Dad, I Can Afford It, Because There Is No Mortgage I PAID CASH FOR THIS HOUSE!

For 15 minutes my Dad couldn’t speak. It was the best 15 minutes of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Day but this was… my 15 minutes. You see, I had arrived. I did it…I proved to my parents I’d amounted to something after all.

I’m telling you this story because I’m now in a position to help you achieve your dreams regardless of your motivation and frankly I can’t think of anything that would please me more.

Over the last decade, I have bought and sold over 200 houses to date and currently do an average of 3-4 deals per month. My real estate business is on auto pilot and my true success is working with deserving folks like yourself and helping you succeed.

After a couple years in the business I came up with the idea to start helping other people get what they want. I realized that this was my highest calling-to teach others how to become financially independent. 

Robyn, You Have Become Very Good At What You Do, Now It’s Time For You To Teach Others.

To make a long story short, within six months I wrote down everything I knew into a training manual and scheduled a seminar which I taped. The rest is history.

For the past 5 years I’ve been to all parts of the country working with hundreds of students, taught over 250 seminars and changed the lives of a lot of people who allowed me to come into their world.

I’ve addressed thousands of people in dozens of cities and became the leading expert at what I do. My system took several years to create but I’ve watched with pride as many of my students followed it, step by easy step, until they too can proudly announce….

I’m A Millionaire

I can’t tell you how gratifying that is to me. Little ole me. A waitress from Waterbury, CT is now making millionaires.

Would You Care To Join Me?

My specialty is buying run down, outdated houses and fixing them and quickly selling them for all cash to families who live in them.

I’ve created systems to make this business run on autopilot and remove most of the grief some people experience because they haven’t learned my secrets.

All my properties get cashed out at full retail price. I don’t carry any second mortgages and I don’t play games with down payments. My average time of ownership is 139 days from purchase to getting a check.

I’ve perfected idiot proof systems for buying the right houses at the right price, hiring and controlling the right contractors, finding the right buyers and getting them closed at lightning speed.

One of my specialties, what I have become the number one expert at, is getting people qualified most investors pass over because they don’t know my hard learned secrets.

There’s a lot of people who do rehabs and sell houses retail. There’s no one better at it than me. They call me the Queen of Rehab.

Even my mentor, Ron LeGrand said in a public statement at a recent seminar…

“The Student Has Far Surpassed The Teacher. I Don’t Know Anyone Better At Retailing Houses For Cash Than Robyn Thompson, Including Me!”
- Ron LeGrand

For five years now I’ve been conducting a five day boot camp four times a year where I work closely with special groups to transfer my secrets to them and shortcut a lot of years of pain.

I call this boot camp: “Junkers To Millions” and it’s for serious folks who want to master the craft of rehabbing and cashing out single family houses and make a minimum of $25,000 per deal. Some make several times that amount.

You may consider this your personal invitation to join me at one of these events if you feel that’s something you’d like to do.

Here’s some of the things I cover…
• 14 Of My Best Kept Secrets for locating the most profitable deals in your city. 
• How to estimate the renovation costs accurately in 10 minutes without a calculator or any previous experience. You’ll learn the techniques we use to streamline and complete over $2 million in renovations on my houses per year. We have done a $20,000 renovation project in as little as 9 days. 
• Little known techniques for writing powerful offers that get accepted almost every time. These secrets took me 4 years to learn and aren’t taught anywhere else. 
• 11 reasons why owners are motivated to sell and why you’d better know them if you want to work real prospects and eliminate time wasters. 
• How to work effectively with Realtors to get deals not available to the market and get first show at the hot foreclosures. 
• The magical mathematical formula to determine “What to Offer” on any house in any condition in any market. My fail safe, simple system will prevent you from making avoid costly mistakes. 
• How to get top dollar for your houses and why you shouldn’t be listening to anyone who tells you the way to sell a house is lower the price. That’s crap and I’ll prove it. 
• The 5 repairs that beginners always under estimate and probably should never undertake. These mistakes are deadly and I’ve seen them put good people out of business or cause a financial burden. It’s my job to help you eliminate these errors and take 5 years off your learning curve and that’s exactly what I’ll do. 
• How to prescreen out bad contractors before they take your money and put a leash on the good contractors to force them to get your job done on time, on budget and keep every promise they make. My days of getting fleeced by contractors are over. With my system, so are yours. This session alone is worth your whole investment of time and money. One contractor seminar can cost you much more than my boot camp. No need to pay that price. 
• How to handle violations & citations from lead and mold and why they are a rehabber’s friend, not a feared enemy. You can make a fortune when you know how to handle these deals. They’ll make you big bucks. 
• How to sell a problem house quickly and turn a lemon into lemonade with a few tricks I learned the hard way. 
• The Impact of Holding Cost on profits and how to reduce yours by getting in and out while your competition is still fighting with contractors. 
• The 9 reasons a house won’t sell and how to eliminate all nine. 
• Learn the step-by-step process for getting your cash out without carrying paper. Almost all my deals are 100% cash outs. While others are taking back seconds I’m taking their rejects and getting them funded for the full amount. It took me about 100 deals to learn this and I’ll hand it to you on a silver platter. 
• I’ll make sure you understand credit scoring, reading credit reports and how to turn poor credit into qualified buyers quickly. 
• How to streamline the mortgage process to get you checks in less than 30 days while others are being jerked around by mortgage brokers and lenders. 
• How to get buyers approved in 48 hours so you know your deal is going to close before you wait 30 days only to start over. 
• 10 sources for buyer to find down payments legally so you can sell to people with no money. Imagine how many doors that will open. 
• What to legally do if a buyer doesn’t have quite enough income to qualify. 
• The magic words to put on your flyers to attract buyers like a magnet. 
• How to determine if your buyer will qualify in 5 minutes flat so you’ll know if they’re a time wasters. 
• Should you own an office or rent one or work from home. Big question. Easy answer. I’ll show you how we operate my streamline office with a skeleton crew and low overhead. 
• The best computer program to use to manage your office and renovation projects. It costs very little but saves us a lot of money and time. 
• How to identify the 7 common deals breakers that cost me a bundle before I got the answers. 
• How to invest $5,000 and turn it into $625,000 in 18 months like I did. Yes you really can do this. I was a waitress and it worked for me. 
• What to do with your cash once you get it and how to make it grow to obscene amounts almost overnight and never pay taxes on it. 
• How to attract Millions of dollars of private capital to fund your deals and never speak to a single banker, even if you have bad credit. 
• 5 Strategies for successful cash flow management I wish I knew in my first 3 years. 
• The 4 prescreening questions to locating an excellent loan officer to get your deals closed quickly and with little cost to you. 
• Cut your income taxes by using a few strategic moves my CPA taught me. 
• Network with other investors and form lifelong friendships and create million dollar contacts all over North America. 
• How to Build your financial future using none of your money or credit and live the rest of your life like a millionaire. I did it and I’m honored to show you exactly how with a step by step, easy to implement, 6th grade simple plan, many of my students have copied. I’d like to see you get the word budget out of your life forever and follow my one-year plan to make $250,000. It’s easier than you think. 

We’ll spend 5 days covering every single detail and leave nothing out. Everything you need to know about buying, rehabbing and selling junkers will be discussed and made so simple you could get your 12 year old to run the business.

When you leave you’ll truly understand how I became a millionaire in 3 years and how you can do the exact same thing quicker if your committed.

After you’ve done both of these items it should become crystal clear why you should join me as soon as you can make it happen.

Here’s What You Get With My Boot Camp
 Five days of me and my staff spilling our guts with nothing held back and no holds barred. 
A Very Special CD, "Mega Money Marketing." This CD contains valuable marketing strategies to location motivated sellers, which are the biggest profit checks.
 My basic training home study system which contains 12 Audio CD’s and 2 system manuals. This system sells for $697 by itself but You’ll get it all free with the boot camp. Don’t even think it’ll replace the boot camp. Not even close. Most of what we do live is not discussed on these audio CD’s. I’m taking you to the top quickly and that can only happen if I spend five days with you. We’ve also discovered people who attend a live training have a 350% higher success rate than those who just listen to the CD’s. And that’s assuming they’re the same. Mine Aren’t. 
 16 teleconference calls where I invite clients only and interview special guests and successful students. These calls are spaced out over a period of 41 weeks so you’ll never have a big gap in your follow up support system and you’ll get to hear from fellow family members who’ve graduated from my boot camp. These calls get rave reviews from students and I could easily charge $97 each for them but they’re part of your package at no cost. 
 Bonus CD - "How To Find Money To Fund Your Deals." I think the title speaks for itself. You’ll see clearly how to attract motivated sellers who need to sell and sell quickly. 
 Bonus CD – "How To Control Contractors Like a Dog on a Leash." If this tape doesn’t get you excited someone should take your pulse. You’ll love it. 
 2 DVDs On Rehabbing Houses that took me over a year to create. You’ll see every step of the repairs, meet my contractor and watch every inch of several houses transform from hideous to drop dead gorgeous before your eyes. These DVD’s will be priceless to you in your business and could easily sell for $508 for this package. You get them FREE. 

All that adds up to over $5,100 in value, just in bonuses, not counting the value of the 5 days live with me. But it won’t cost you near that amount to attend.

OK Robyn! How Much?.

Well, what would it be worth to you if I could get you just one more deal, or get one buyer qualified you’d pass up. Or save you from contractor hell, or keep you from buying one bad deal, or saving you 3 or 4 months holding costs on just one house, or helping you get the funds from just one deal you’d lose without my help?

Looks to me like the real question is how much are you gonna waste trying to save the cost of my tuition.
If I charged $10,000 I’d say that’d be a steal. My personal average profit is now about 3 times that on every deal. You can’t even buy a good used car for ten grand anymore.

Don’t worry. It’s not ten grand. The tuition is only $2,495 for one person or $3,495 for two people and you get everything I just described above. Don’t wait! My training events are sold out because seating on the bus tour is limited!!! This low price is about 10% of the profit on one deal or the cost of a cheap hot tub. 
Isn’t that fair?

Here’s What You Should Know.
• Add $1000 for a third person. Everyone else is full price. 
• You may return as often as you like at no cost. I do 4 Boot Camps a year. 
• There’s no sales tax on events. 
• It’s tax deductible. See your accountant. 
• You can’t be bumped or lose your money because your plans change. Just call in 30 days prior to the change dates. You’ll find the next 5 dates on the registration form. 

Who Should Attend
• Anyone tired of working who wants to take their life back. 
• Anyone looking for a part time business that produces full time income. 
• Anyone who gets a thrill out of making an run down, outdated house into a pretty house. 
• Anyone who wants to get filthy stinking rich and be the envy of their friends and family. 
• Anyone who wants to quit listening to broke people telling them how to get rich and come directly to the source to learn the business the right way, the proven way and the only way if you want to make it big. 

Who Shouldn’t Attend
• All my friends, relatives and associates who feel I should let them in free because we work together or any other reason. No one will get in free. 
• Couch potatoes, whiners, complainers or anyone who thinks the world owes them a living. Stay home. I don’t have the patience for you. Serious, committed people only please. 
• Anyone who must take food off the table or clothes away from the kids to attend. I don’t want that burden. As much as I’d like to help you now I just can’t. Maybe later when the circumstances change. Stretch if you must. Rob the piggy bank. Clean out the attic and sell the junk. Max out the cards. Borrow the money. Whatever you must do except put your family at risk. I’m here to help you make a lot of money but it’ll take a little time and work. I don’t have a magic wand. 

What You Should Do Next.
Get on the phone and call in your registration or fax it in within the next 24 hours. Do it now, not when it’s convenient. It’ll never be convenient. It’ll never be easy. Getting rich requires movement not meditation.
Take The First Step And The Next Will Quickly Be Revealed.

Don’t fret about it. Don’t lose sleep over it. It’s not a life threatening decision but it’s definitely a life changing one. No one’s gonna die. It’s only money. It comes, it goes and you’re gonna spend it anyway. You might as well be on your own financial freedom. It’s a good investment of time and money.

Remember, you have no risk, no way to lose and no down side. It’s a piece of one deal. About $25 a month on your credit card until you pay it off in a couple months or so.

It’s the only smart business decision. Do it now while it’s on your mind. You can thank me later. I’ve enclosed a registration from to make it easy. If you need to talk to me personally to discuss or wish me to talk with your spouse feel free to call (352) 351-8061.

Otherwise I’ll see you at my “Junkers To Millions” boot camp where we can chat and get to know each other. Welcome to my family.



P.S. The last 2 boot camps were sold out so I’d suggest you move quickly to guarantee a seat. I’ve also got some cool surprises waiting for you when you arrive. You’ll love them.